Middle School Sucks and Other Graduating Thoughts

In honor of Throw Back Thursday….I’m chatting about Graduation today! I’ve had some version of this post in my head since March, and I think I’m finally able to articulate my feelings and thoughts.

Middle School Sucks. If you loved Middle School you must have lived inside a show on the Disney Channel. While there were some fine moments, and I grew up a lot, I wouldn’t want to go through those years again, ever.

2006 aitkin high school graduation

  • High School on the other hand, I would do again, only if these people were still with me. Sure there were some moments I wasn’t proud of, but overall I think it was a good experience. I would not say that High School was the best days of my life.


  • College was another learning experience, and if I did that again, I would do most things completely differently. I would still go to Gustavus, but I would have been involved in more diverse activities. I made a rule for myself not to get overly involved the first year of college because I was too involved in High School. And I think I should have tried a few more things when I was a freshman. I think I would have found some opportunities that would have been a good fit for my personality and development.

Gustavus Graduation 2010

  • Post – College life has been full of ups and downs. While there were times that I wished I was still in a college campus bubble, the last couple years especially have had some great experiences that I wouldn’t have had in college, or I wouldn’t have appreciated if I were still in college.

My Advice to those Graduating…. or in any of the middle school, high school, or college bubbles. It gets better. People change. You will change. Things will be harder. Some things will be easier. You will always have times of struggle, and there will be times of peace. Keep learning and you’ll be okay.

What advice would you give someone graduating?

Here’s two posts from Minnesota Bloggers that helped inspire me write this post. 10 Year Reunion and  Growing Old.

11 thoughts on “Middle School Sucks and Other Graduating Thoughts

  1. My advice to someone graduating would be to not expect to get their “dream job” right out of school. I mean, my dream job CHANGED after I got it a few years out. Some people get so caught up on what they think is their dream job and get blinded by other opportunities!

    • My dream job is definitely marketing, and was when I was in college, but 5 years later I still haven’t had a job that is marketing focused. Someday it will happen, when its supposed to.

  2. Don’t do what I did! Just kidding. I like your advice, and I’d probably go with that. For high schoolers, all I can think of is how much fun they’re about to have. I truly loved going from high school to college. So much fun!

  3. READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE SYLLABUS! I just walked for my master’s ceremony two weeks ago, only to find out that I didn’t receive a high enough grade for an additional class, so I threw away $300 and now will probably not be able to spend my summer working toward another pay raise. If only someone had taught me to read…

    • Oh man! That sucks! I have a friend who’s a professor at St. Bens and she is always telling people that when she responds to emails.

  4. I hated middle school and I also hated high school. Those were years of my life that I do not care to ever relive. I hated small town life SO MUCH and begged my parents to send me to a boarding school somewhere but they wouldn’t… I understand why now as a parent’s time with their kids is so short, but at the time I would have given anything to get out of my tiny town! I loved college so much, though, as that is where I met some of my best friends. I sometimes wish I would have tried going to a bigger out of state school but at the same time I can’t say I regret going to UND as I had such a great experience there.

    I didn’t know you were a Gustie! My boyfriend went to Gustavus and most of the people we hang out with are Gusties!

    • I am a Gustie!! I didn’t know that boarding school was a thing that Minnesota kids could do (I thought it was an East Coast thing) thankfully my 9th grade year was pretty good, but if it hadn’t been, I bet I would have been begging to go to school somewhere else! I wish I had been brave enough to go abroad, I think it would’ve been a great experience, but I did a January trip and missed my family, so I didn’t want to do a whole semester.

  5. My advice would be to not feel pressured by the expectations of others, don’t create a life goal time line, be adventurous, really think about what you enjoy doing and seek a career that allows you to integrate that passion, travel a LOT, learn to do things without an entourage, find happiness as an individual before you even consider becoming a couple, and open no more than 2 credit cards just to create credit history and if you can’t pay them off every month, always make more than the minimum payment.

    • The credit card tip is so important!!! I think kids now are better about understanding credit, thanks to all those credit report companies that do commercials. I also love the doing something without an entourage, it can be hard to do, but can be so powerful once you can go somewhere alone and enjoy it!

    • Yes it is! I’m going a bit backwards right now with living at home and job searching, but have you heard the arrow analogy? You have to be pulled backwards to shoot forward!!! I have to remind myself from time to time.

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