Chance Chat #21: Be Brave

Happy Sunday friends! Last week’s post was a bit of a bummer, so I wanted to make sure this week’s was a little more uplifting.

chance be braveHard things are going to happen, there’s no avoiding them.

By being brave we can get a little more strength to get through the struggle.

We can have a little more faith that things are going to work out in the end.

It’s hard to imagine getting through tough stuff without a little bravery.

And if you find yourself lacking in bravery, maybe its time to share some of your fears and struggles with someone else.

That person might have some ideas of what to do next or at least reassurances that you’re on the right path.

Are you brave?

Or is there something else that you ask for during hard times?

2 thoughts on “Chance Chat #21: Be Brave

  1. I think that I can be brave, but it’s definitely not something that comes natural, if that makes any sense? I think it was brave of me to move to Charlotte by myself but while it was brave of me to do it, I also did not handle it very well… But I ultimately survived what was a very difficult year which takes bravery and perseverance.

    • Pairing bravery and perseverance is so smart! I consider bravery a one moment/action/decision situation whereas perseverance denotes a longer time, and to me requires more strength than bravery.

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