Chance Chat #22: Two out of Five

Woah. I almost didn’t get this posted on time! Thankfully I got invited to run with friends this morning and I’m sipping some coffee before hitting the road. I haven’t been running far or fast lately, which is a change from the last 5 years.

2 out of 5

Chance Chat for this week is a pretty popular one, and one that I can resonate with…at least half of it.

  • Quit Your Job: Technically the company was sold.
  • Buy a Ticket: Going to Chile in July!
  • Get a Tan: I’m becoming more and more aware of skin cancer, but being outside is important!
  • Fall in Love: hahaha.
  • Never Return: woah. I’m not okay with that. While you can never go back to exactly how things were, you can still revisit different things.

The photo and ideas are so romanticized, but is quitting your job without a plan really the best thing? I’ve been unemployed for two weeks, and must say I hate it. I’m outgoing enough that networking isn’t too painful, but that doesn’t mean I like putting myself out there.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Which of these sounds awful?

6 thoughts on “Chance Chat #22: Two out of Five

  1. Those ideas are really romanticized especially with our generation and I always want to be the downer that asks “Do you realize how unrealistic that is?” Being unemployed sucks – but I know something will come around for you soon!

    • I prefer “devil’s advocate” over “downer” but either one works!! I definitely burst bubbles with people’s dreaming thoughts, reality has to be considered at least on some level.

  2. I quit my job in HR almost a year ago because I didn’t like the direction the company seemed to be headed, we were understaffed, and I needed to go in on weekends to get my work done. I had interviewed for a job in a totally different industry I knew nothing about the previous week and handed in my resignation without a job offer I was so burned out. I guess in my gut I knew things would work out-I was offered my current job 20 minutes later. But it was still pretty scary yet empowering to leap knowing I’d be building my wings on the way down (love that quote). So yeah-quit your job-or in your case-maybe consider something outside of your comfort zone-and sell yourself and your skills as strong applicable anywhere. Some days I don’t know what the he!! I am doing, but I’m learning, growing, adapting, becoming more well rounded-and I love my job. Best decision ever.

    • “Building wings on the way down” is a great quote! I’m flapping my wings like crazy, so hopefully I’ll either find the right thing, or it will find me eventually.

  3. Chile!? I went there a few years ago and loved it! What cities are you going to? When I graduated grad school, very few doors were open. Not having a job offer and “pounding the pavement” were very scary things for me. I’d love to search my network for you! Send me an email with what you are looking for, and perhaps I have a few connections for you? You never know 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Life is crazy this week, but I will be sending you an email on this, and when I’ll be in the cities next. Hopefully we can get together soon!

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