In and Around My World

It’s been a while since I shared a snapshot of my life. I’m slowly taking photos to write a “day in the life post” but for now here’s a few things I feel compelled to share. (for no good reason other than I want to).

  • National Running Day: (yesterday) The group I would usually join was starting at 5 am, which would have required me to be up at 4 am….So I didn’t go. Today I wore workout clothes to the office, so I have to run before I go home for the evening.

no lipstick snapchat selfie

  • I did run on Saturday, and was a little slow getting ready for a wedding afterwards which resulted in not putting lipstick in my purse. I even behaved on Saturday night so I could run again on Sunday morning. My legs weren’t so sure about it, but getting 6 miles felt really good.
  • The Office: I’ve been unemployed officially since May 17. I’m still going to our office as there’s a few phone calls I make each day, and I prefer to leave the house. I did create a Career page, for those interested.

taco pie

  • Blogging: I always say I’m going to write a post on my favorite “taco pie” but never do. Last night my brother was helping me in the kitchen, so I didn’t take many photos. But I did take one before serving! And then ran outside to snap this photo.

cedar lakeAnd to finish: Two Links from this week  that I love.

  • “In a perfect world, we’d all have fulfilling work that fulfilled us. But it’s good to remember that you might have to find that fulfillment elsewhere – and if you do, that’s not a failing on your part or your job’s. It’s just your professional reality at the moment.” Yes and Yes.
  • “You never need to hide from God. Repent and believe and be free from all the lies the world will tell you about not being smart enough or pretty enough, good enough or clean enough.” She Reads Truth.

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