Chance Chat #23: Be Interesting

Hello Friends! I’m working hard to keep things on the bright side of life. While I haven’t watched the entire Mad Men series, I do think the series is a great representation of “Chance” my one little word for 2015.

Mad Men Quote Betty DraperMy schedule is full enough that I can’t remember the last time I said “I’m bored”. But I’m not sure I agree with the idea of “boring people”. Everyone likes different things.

There was a boy in high school who I thought was the MOST BORING person ever. I’ve actually gotten to know him a little better over the years, and its not that he’s boring. It’s that he likes different things than me. I’m happy to be out and about with different friends doing different things. He likes his close friends and his own activities. AND THAT’S OKAY!  As a 17 year old I didn’t get it. But now I do. There’s a comfort in doing familiar things with familiar people.

But when those familiar things or people start to bring you down. You’ve got to start shaking it up. Try something new. Don’t say “yes” to the same thing day after day. Instead of going to the same coffee shop, try the other one down the road.

If you feel bored, change. It might be difficult, but either it will be worth it, or you’ll have a new appreciation for your “old” way.

Are you bored? Do you know any boring people?

One thought on “Chance Chat #23: Be Interesting

  1. I am most definitely not bored… I was bored a lot as a child and I am sure I drove my mom crazy by saying I was bored but now I NEVER feel bored. I kind of have too many hobbies and interests to ever get bored, I guess, plus I am really good at entertaining myself! That said, I am sure that some people think my life is boring. I am sure the fact that I do not like to go out to clubs/bars makes me seem boring and old to others but it’s the right lifestyle for me. I think the key is to surround yourself with people who don’t think your life is boring!

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