Chance Chat #24: Cosmopolitan

As I recover from a bachelorette party, I feel like this is an important lesson. As always, you can find this photo from Pinterest, although I originally found the photo from Cosmopolitan.

Her Success is not your Failure“The anonymous artist behind the Ambivalently Yours Tumblr remains that way because she wants her art ‘to be about all of us boldly undecided girls.'”

It is so easy to look at someone’s success and want what they have. How easy it would be to step into their shoes and have that job/award/significant other. But once you start to examine it…I bet you don’t want exactly what they have. Maybe their job requires lots of late nights and working weekends, and you’d rather be at a cabin.

Just because good things are happening in your friend’s life does not mean there are bad things happening in yours. You might be taking a longer road to get to a milestone, but that won’t diminish the happiness of either person reaching their goal.

Are you boldly undecided?

One thought on “Chance Chat #24: Cosmopolitan

  1. I love this quote! It’s so true. I have been guilty at different times of being envious of things that have happened for others but I try to remind myself that the grass is not always greener. And I remind myself that if you are going to be envious of one aspect of another person’s life, you’ve got to be willing to take on all aspects of that person’s life, even the less desirable ones. Plus I try to remember that we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg of others lives. So even though it may seem like someone’s got it all, there are probably things that person is really struggling with, too.

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