Chance Chat #25: TRI – TRY

Summer has a funny way of slipping by. I will out of town in July, and I know that the end of August will be here before I know it. I’ve signed up for the Superiorman Triathlon 41.5, but without training, I know I can’t complete the race.

chance 25 tryWhile the idea of .5 mile swim, followed by a 35.4 mile bike, and then a 5.6 mile run is completely overwhelming, I know that if I TRY, it could be accomplished. However, if I stay busy, and don’t prioritize the three sports, I won’t be crossing the finish line.

I have plenty of fears in the three sports, but the more I try, the closer I get.

What would you like to accomplish? Have you made the decision to try?

2 thoughts on “Chance Chat #25: TRI – TRY

  1. Something I am trying this summer is my first triathlon! I started training in early June and so far it’s going ok… I do feel like it’s a little bit overwhelming to fit in swimming, biking and running but I am making it work. Plus my goal is to finish so I am trying to not put too much pressure on myself!

  2. I’m going to really try to make working out more of a priority this summer, which means figuring out what I love. I like cycling and I like taking walks outside, so I’m going to definitely try to incorporate those more into my life.

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