Chance Chat #29: Focus or Distract

After two weeks of traveling I am ready to settle into normalcy again. But the list of things “to do” can get overwhelming.

Troubled Mind

Its easy to get dragged down by the overwhelming thoughts, but I’ve found that it is easier to block those. Do what you can with what you have. Don’t wish for 2 more hours, just use the hour you have as effectively as possible. I love a good social media break, but when I find myself going through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, over and over and over I know that I’m just wasting time and attempting to distract myself.

Are you able to focus when you have things to accomplish?

Or do you attempt to distract yourself?

4 thoughts on “Chance Chat #29: Focus or Distract

  1. It kind of depends – mostly on how interested I am in what I need to get accomplished. If it’s something I’m not very excited about, I can be easily distracted but if it’s something I care a lot about and am interested in, then I can block everything out.

  2. I find social media to be such a time suck lately. I agree with Lisa – if I have a task that I’m interested in or excited about, I have no trouble focusing on it. When it’s a task I have to do but don’t necessarily want to do, I tend to distract myself and waste time with things that don’t really add any value to my life, like browsing Facebook or IG.

    • I think social media (twitter especially) is so much more fun in the winter when people are stuck in doors. I’m all about ignoring it in the summer and enjoying the time outside!

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