South America Adventure: Part 1

My cousin has been living in Valparaiso, Chile since February. In March her mom asked me if I wanted to go visit, and of course I said yes!! I bought my ticket and eagerly awaited the South American Adventure that I would never take on my own.

Santiago, Chile

Day 1: Fly out from MSP, change planes in Atlanta, Land in Santiago, Chile at 8:30 am. We immediately dropped our suitcases in the hotel and started touring the city. My favorite part of the day was climbing the Santa Lucia Hill, which I dubbed “urban hiking”. Imagine if there was a random hill and castle ruins off of Washington Avenue in Minneapolis…..This is basically what it was, and so great to get views of the city!

Pope Francis

Day 2: Plane ride to Bolivia. The Pope had arrived the day before (and was already on to other areas of the country) but there were billboards EVERYWHERE welcoming him. We spent some time wandering to find our hotel, but finally found it, and inhaled some lunch.

La Paz, Bolivia

…..There was a little misunderstanding at lunch. We really enjoyed the soup and salad buffet. And proceeded to get seconds on the soup….only for them to bring out the second course (the meat, potatoes, and veggies pictured middle right), Oops! We ate what we could and then went to find the Witches Market. (which featured dead llamas, which I did not photograph).

Day 3: Bus travel to Copacabana! We managed to be the only “gringos” on the bus, and at one point everyone exited the bus. We assumed they wanted to buy a snack, or go to the bathroom where we had briefly stopped. Little did we know EVERYONE had to exit the bus and take a ferry across some water.

Copacabana, Bolivia

We hiked to the top of a hill (Cerro Calvario) in Copacabana and enjoyed getting a full view of the city and bordering Lake Titicaca. It was this night that my lack of sleep and slightly sore throat escalated.

Day 4 was supposed to include a “death walk” but…..TO BE CONTINUED.

Are you constantly “on the go” on vacation? Do you do lots of research before a trip? Or just “go with the flow”?


7 thoughts on “South America Adventure: Part 1

  1. So cool to hear about your adventures so far! I’m a planner, I try to go with the flow though, sometimes things change quickly when you’re on vacation!

  2. I love learning about all the little things when people go on trips (especially when it’s to places I’m not very familiar with.) I do lots of research and have a vague game plan – like all these things are close to each other while all the rest are on the other side of the city, but I definitely go by the flow once I’m there. I just like being informed.

    • Being informed is key for me. For this trip I knew that we were going to walk a lot, and that was about it. Which was perfect! It was nice to not be surrounded by other tourists.

  3. Wherever I go I prioritize and make sure I see what I consider to be the most important things in a city, state or country. I like to relax, not have to hurry and make sure I am able to enjoy and take my time at a few GREAT things.

    • Great point! We wandered around a lot, and while there discussed how the men in our lives would hate that. But it worked well for us!

  4. Fun! I am glad that you are recapping your trip as I have been curious about what all you did over there. That is awesome that you had someone to visit and someone to travel with!

    I like a mix of on the go and going with the flow. I usually do a lot of research ahead of time and have an idea of what I want to do each day but I try to be flexible and account for things like weather conditions, etc.

    • I did no research and I know if I had I would’ve ended up looking at wine tours (which we didn’t do) and that is okay! I’m hoping to do a trip to napa or oregon for wine in the future!

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