South America Adventure: Part 2


Day 4: Boat trip to Isla Del Sol. The intention was to take a boat to the island, and then take a 3 hour hike across the top and down to a different boat dock. After hiking up to take this picture and explore some of the Inca ruins, I realized there was no way I was hiking 3 hours with high altitude and without full breathing capacity due to the cold/allergies inhabiting my nose and throat.

Isla del SolSo I sat and enjoyed the view. Napped in the sun, attempted to chat with a nice Mexican girl that was touring for a few weeks by herself, talked to a nice couple from D.C. that were touring for 6 plus weeks. And just enjoyed a day of quiet. In the evening we took another bus back to La Paz, with another random boat crossing, although this time we were expecting it.

Day 5, 6, and 7: Fly back to Chile, bus to Vina del Mar / Valparaiso.  Confession, in our days there I never learned which area was which town, but thats the benefit of traveling with someone who has been living in the area for 4+ plus months!

Graffiti in Valparaiso ChileThe graffiti art is unlike anything I have every seen! I wish I could have seen someone in action creating the art, the above photo is my favorite piece for its style. If you open the photo in a new window and zoom in, you’ll see that the face is composed of dots and is so gorgeous.

We also took a tour of Pablo Neruda’s house unfortunately, they didn’t allow pictures so you’ll have to settle for more graffiti photos.

Valparaiso Chile GraffitiWhile there would be the occasional random words written on stupid stone, for the most part the graffiti was amazing. We stopped at a random bakery for empanadas, my philo dough with spinach and blue cheese was amazing! The chilean culture eats a large lunch about 3 pm, but we didn’t follow them. Each morning we had a large breakfast at our hotel, had something small for lunch, and then enjoyed dinner. It worked best for us, and we made sure to travel with granola bars just in case.

Graffiti Selfie Chile

I am so thankful that my aunt and cousin invited me to travel with them. I never would have toured South America by myself, and while I wasn’t healthy on 90% of this trip, I still enjoyed it immensely!

Have you traveled while sick before? What do you think of graffiti as art?

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  1. That is a bummer that you weren’t able to do that hike but good for you for listening to your body. I’m glad you had a great view to enjoy that day as an alternative. That sucks that you were sick for most of the trip. 🙁 That happened to me when I went on a 10 day trip to Germany and Prague with a friend back in 2004. I got sick the day I arrived and was sick the entire vacation. I had a UTI (SO bad when you are traveling in countries where it’s hard to find bathrooms!) and a horrible cold/sinus thing and then I lost my voice. 🙁 I made the most if it but it wasn’t optimal.

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