Week of “Nothing”

When I realized that I would be gone for almost two weeks for my South America trip, I decided to clear my schedule for the week following. Being unemployed I knew I would need to focus on applications, and following up on whatever emails came in that I wasn’t able to deal with while out of the country.

Lake LifeMy first few hours back in Minnesota included a phone interview, then the first full day I spent the morning at Social Media Breakfast, and then the weekend was blissfully sitting on the deck with my brother. The photo above was my view for Saturday and Sunday, much needed peace and quiet.

Johnny Cummings

Johnny loves pictures, so we had to snap one after I picked him up from work one day this week. And while I love that my bike is in the car, I wish I felt good enough to ride it! I was sick on my trip and finally went to the doctor on Wednesday. Turns out I needed a Z-pack, which I should have just bought in South America when I saw a million pharmacias.

Smack Shack Lobster RollThursday was a long day of interviews. Once the stress was over I celebrated with a Smack Shack lobster roll before heading back up north. Now I’m just debating whether or not to attend All Pints North tomorrow. I’ve been craving a Duluth trip, but not sure I want to go on a weekend and deal with crowds.

Have you ever cleared your schedule so you can see what happens?

Summer Crowds: join ’em or avoid ’em?


7 thoughts on “Week of “Nothing”

  1. Every once in a while, I purposely refuse to plan something for my weekend so I can see what happens and/or have some down time. This weekend is an example. I have nothing scheduled. After six straight weeks of having 2-3 events per weekend, I need a break!

  2. I know the feeling of wanting some free time after a big trip. Funny how quickly it can fill up again though! Congrats on all the interviews! I hope something works out!

  3. I think the answer to the debate about All Pints North is — a thousand times yes– you must go! I wish I could, but have a family wedding that’s keeping me in the cities.

  4. I hope your interviews went well! Good for you for treating yourself to something tasty – you definitely earned that treat!

    Last fall I was starting to get really overwhelmed by all of the stuff I was saying yes to so I carved out a ‘plan free week’ and it was awesome. I need to do that more often!

    And as far as crowds go, I tend to avoid them as I just don’t well in crowds. I’ll make exceptions and deal with crowds eventually but in general, if I know there are going to be lots and lots of people at something, I tend to avoid going…

  5. i’m bummed our date didn’t happen, but i know we’ll make it work on the regular once you’re up here. so glad you had a fun trip *&* a relaxing return 🙂

  6. I really love having a packed schedule, but I can relate to wanting to slow down a bit too! Sometimes I wish I had a more “nothing” type week at times!

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