Chance Chat #30: Royal

As summer flies by my biggest volunteer week of the year is here! I will be acting as Director of the Miss Aitkin Scholarship Pageant for the first and last time this week. Back in the summer before my senior year of high school, I was a candidate. I didn’t end up as royalty, I don’t consider myself a failure. I’m not always Team Oprah, but today I am.

Chance Chat 30 Royal

These days entering a scholarship pageant, or anything with the word “pageant” in the title can be quite a chance. You’re putting yourself out there to stereotypes, and critisism. But those who have experience a pageant tend to have different feelings than the passive observers. This same stereotype vs experience can be true in other parts of life.

How sad to think that people are afraid to try something just because of what they assume people will assume about them. Take the chance, try something new. Even if you “fail” or don’t win the crown, you’re still taking a step towards greatness.

Have you ever failed at something only to realize the experience helped you in the long run?

Anyone else have a “secret” pageant in their background?

2 thoughts on “Chance Chat #30: Royal

  1. I’ve never been in a pageant!

    I don’t like using the word ‘fail’ but I’ve definitely had experiences where something wasn’t a great fit and it’s made me realize that I need to go a different direction. That has definitely been the case with my career.

  2. I was in Miss Northeast Wisconsin for two years and then I did a 4-H pageant for three years which doesn’t realllllly count, but at the time it totally did for me. 🙂 I won Miss Congeniality twice and Fair Princess once, so that was good enough for me. Plus, the scholarship from Miss NEWI both years was really nice for the first two years of college. It wasn’t a ton, but it helped!

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