Job Searching and Triathlon Training: Not that Different

As I mentioned, next weekend I’ll be racing the Superiorman Triathlon. I also didn’t mention…I’m scheduled to start work on Monday. And after 5 days at a new job, the first thing I want to do…is spend 5 hours on a couch, not 41.5 miles swimming, biking, and running. But I’m doing it anyways!

Job Searching and Triathlon Training

TIME: both searching and training require a time commitment. I focused job searching from about 9 am to 3 pm Monday-Friday. There were exceptions to the rule, but consistently applying kept the options rolling in. Training also requires a time commitment, this my schedule it worked best to do afternoon workouts as I ran off the stress of sitting at the computer. But I also had a few good early morning bike rides.

CONNECTIONS: Everything is easier with a connections. In the triathlon world I rely on Lakes Area Multisport and the members to ensure that I’m training smart and going to the right places for help.

I hate networking

I wrote about it in my Networking series, but getting out and meeting people is so helpful when you’re applying for a job. Sitting at your computer is good, but having people look over your resume, or pass along jobs that might be a match is so valuable.

PAY-OFF: If you do the right things, the work will pay off. Not always as quickly as you want, not always in time to meet the goal you set, but each step forward takes you one step closer to the goal. If you don’t apply for the job, the recruiter can’t contact you. If you don’t take the time to train, you don’t get to complete the race.

Freehouse Pi Beer 3.14

I had pretty strong goals for when I wanted a new job, and it was way before the month of August. I had my dark days, when people asked me how the job search was going and I told them “it’s awful” because it was. Its not something I wish on anyone, but you do what you gotta do, and keep moving forward. Even a bad experience is an experience. (Although getting to try the 3.14 Pi Beer that’s new for the Minnesota State Fair was not one of those “bad” experiences).

Lakes Area Multisport

Thank you so much to all of those who encouraged me to apply, who gave me feedback on my resume, who even retweeted that I was job searching. I already did a Facebook thank you to the Lakes Area Multisport team, those people were a huge part of my happiness in the last three years, and I will be working out with them every chance I get when visiting home. (Even in the bitter cold, cause we are crazy like that).

Do you find that completely different activities sometimes have similar qualities?

9 thoughts on “Job Searching and Triathlon Training: Not that Different

    • Definitely! I start my new position on Monday, but still wanted to post as I think it will be a decent resource for people in the future. I’m bummed I’ll only be able to tweet after SMB from now on, unless I take a vacation day 🙁 Which might happen in December, hopefully!

    • Thank you!!! A couple friends didn’t even know I was signed for the triathlon, so it will just be a fun experience, which is a good thing!

    • Uff da, I had almost 4 months, so I don’t want to tell you you’re half way there, but I really felt like the longer it took, the better I got at applying and writing cover letters.

  1. I’m so glad you’ve found a job!! While I have never been truly unemployed since graduating college and trying to find a job, I know it’s so stressful! And good for you on the triathlon as well!

  2. That is wonderful that you found a new job! I hope that you have a great first week! You definitely have lots going on between the tri, starting a new job and starting school soon!! But it’s all exciting things so that is good (although I recognize that even exciting changes = stress!).

  3. Katie! I’m so glad you commented on my blog, my email account had been deleted, so I lost all my fun blogging emails, haha! Congrats on your new job and you will ROCK this triathlon!! And by the way, you are the only other person I know who loves Elle King as much as I do…:)

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