Golfing: Glass Half Full

Living up north, and working for a family business, you’d think I’d be able to prioritize time on the golf course. This hasn’t been the case. On Tuesday last week I went out for the first time this season, and most likely the last time. The benefit of playing infrequently, is you always have an awesome day, because you have zero expectations on your swing or your score. (Oh, and I don’t even bother keeping score).

Golfing Analogy

You can just barely see my ball in this photo. Just to the left of the sand trap. I was so pumped by this shot, as I was positioned for an easy chip and putt (or two, or three). But my golfing partner saw something different. That person saw my shot as a few feet short of the putting green. Which is true. It is. But when I’m doing an activity once a year, I can’t focus on the negative. I’ve got to keep it fun and positive.

Celebrate what is going good! Don’t focus on the shortcomings, because you will always find them. Work towards getting better, but note that you can’t work on all things at the same time. My golf game is not a concern right now. I can comfortable play 9 holes, and that’s all I need. In a few years maybe it will be my preferred form of outdoor workout. For now, I’ll stick with playing once a year and playing for fun.

Is there an activity that you aren’t good at, AND don’t care to improve on at this time? Or do you naturally see the negative (i.e. missed the putting green) instead of the positive (i.e. missed the sand trap)?


One thought on “Golfing: Glass Half Full

  1. I am soooo terrible at golf that I am too awful to have your perspective! I get really frustrated with myself when I go to the driving range! But a sport that I am terrible at and don’t care to work to improve is bowling!

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