Chance Chat #36: Wake Up

Ahhh, Sunday morning. I really really really hope I’m still sleeping when this post goes live. I haven’t had a chance to NOT set an alarm in quite a few weeks.

Chance Chat 36 Wake Up

In the first two weeks of work I haven’t had a morning where I hit the snooze repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong, I am tired, and I do want to snooze, I just know the few extra minutes of sleep isn’t going to help. With all the changes that have come up I know sleep is important, so I’m trying my best to be in bed by 10 each night.

Do you hop out of bed and take on the new challenge? Or do you snooze as long as possible before a busy day?

2 thoughts on “Chance Chat #36: Wake Up

  1. I don’t use snooze because by the time I get up for work, I have already been laying awake even though my alarm goes off pretty early (5:30-6). I used to be a snoozer back in the days when sleep was not such a struggle, though. I wouldn’t say I bounce out of bed exactly as I am not the most energetic person in the morning but I don’t delay getting out of bed most days – except on Sunday’s when I usually don’t have to set an alarm. Those mornings are glorious!!

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