My First Minnstameet!

A few weeks ago I attended my first Minnstameet, and now I want all my friends to come!! “@Minnstameets plans and hosts gatherings – called “Instameets” – where Minnesota Instagrammers can meet each other in person and take photos.” From their website.

Minnesota Children's Museum Mission

I heard about the group through blogger friends, and was so happy that there was a meetup scheduled at the Minnesota Children’s Museum on a day that I happened to be in St. Paul. I didn’t arrive with my friends, or really confirm that they were going, but I made sure to tweet a few times so hopefully they would find me!

minnesota children's museum fish

I was one of the first to arrive and ended up being on the Minnesota Children’s Museum Periscope feed! Anytime an organization or small business really tries to become active on social media and reaches out to the community I feel it is very important to support those efforts.

minnesota children's museum minnstameet

I wasn’t sure how many photos were supposed to be taken during a Minnstameet, and I normally post a couple photos a week on instagram, so when I posted 9 in the span of two hours…I was probably annoying some of my non-blogger friends. Oops!

minnesota children's museum shadow

I’m hoping to attend more events in the future, but with how crazy my schedule is, I might just have to enjoy instagram on my own for a little bit.

Have you ever attended an Instagram meetup?

How often do you post on instagram? Weekly? Multiple times a day?


4 thoughts on “My First Minnstameet!

    • It’s really great. There’s another new group called MN Community, and I highly recommend checking them out as well!

  1. I’m glad you could attend and that you had a great time! I hope you can make it out to other events in the future when grad school and life allow!

    • Thank you!! Yes, I will start to find a better idea of what my schedule will allow. Of course it will all change in another 5 weeks when this class is over and the next one comes, but oh well.

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