The Advice I Received….New Job!

I typed this upon accepting my new position, but wanted to wait until I was actually started and settled before sharing. It would have been awful to post this and then have something happen to change the situation. 

My job search came to an abrupt end. I applied for 25 jobs one week, and the next week had scheduled 5 phone interviews and 3 in person interviews, all with different companies! It was the first of the in person interviews that resulted in a job offer. However it all moved so quickly, I was taken aback by the offer.

New Job Advice

Thankfully I’ve attended enough seminars and read articles that I was able to negotiate a little time to make my decision, approximately 36 hours. I didn’t want to make them wait too long, but I also wanted to make sure I made the right decision.

I immediately started reaching out to a few trusted people within my network to help me make my decision. One friend, one family member, and one MBA connection.

“You are the first person living your life, there can’t be a wrong choice”

This was given to me by the college friend, she has also made some career changes and I valued her input. So often we hold on to an image of what our life “should” look like. But it’s okay if life doesn’t look like that perfect picture. I think many people are reaching for different things no matter where they currently are.

“Keep the professional track, a lot of good things could come from this learning position.”

A family member gave me this advice. She has worked with many different organizations throughout her career, and helped me immensely in reaching out to various companies while job searching. It didn’t end up being one of her connections that employed me, but her advice started swaying me towards accepting the position.

“It’s okay to take an analytical position, you can remain creative outside of your job position.”

And finally a MBA connection gave me this feedback. I value her insight and she’s 100% right. With blogging, the integrated marketing communications track of the MBA program, and the networking I’ve done and will continue to do, I should be able to explore other options in a few years. Having a strong analytical position on my resume is a great addition, and will not take me off course of future dreams.

And now that I have exactly one month in my position I am realizing that I will never be done learning. And numbers aren’t always boring, sometimes you use them to paint a picture.

Who do you reach out to when you need advice?

6 thoughts on “The Advice I Received….New Job!

  1. Such great advice! It’s good to have people to reach out to in these situations. I know I talked to my husband and my mom a lot – I trust them both a great deal and they helped me a ton when I was looking to change my job as well!

  2. You definitely received some great advice! Having a network of people to talk to is so important when you are making huge decisions. I tend to talk to my boyfriend Phil, my mentor Paul (who is not my colleague), and my older brother. They all know me well enough and know what my career goals are so they are great at giving me good and honest advice.

  3. I hope your new job is going well! This post really hit home this week as I continue applying for jobs. Thanks for sharing what you learned along the way.

    • Ah! I hope the applying continues to go well. I wasn’t a fan of my unemployed time, but once I had a start date I started lamenting all the things I didn’t manage to do while I was unemployed. So I hope you find that balance of job searching, but also making the most of this time.

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