Chance Chat #39: Bonkers

Friends, I have gone mad. CRAZY. insane in the membrane. Each weekend this month was spent driving north. And next weekend I’m staying in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Thank the lord. (I’m ignoring the fact that I am running 10 miles next weekend, which hasn’t been done since February…)

Bonkers Alice in Wonderland

All of this change is reeking havoc on me. I loved last year’s Peace Perspective. Chance Chat’s are hard. I just want to feel settled, and I decidedly do not. Its important to know that just because it seems like someone has it all together, there are most certainly times when that person is not together. Everyone has an off switch. And when I’m off, I’m all the way off. But I suppose I just need to learn that its okay. While life is crazy, there are always people who will be busier than you. Busy doesn’t mean better.

Do you enjoy when life is crazy? Or do you just look forward to the calmer moments?

7 thoughts on “Chance Chat #39: Bonkers

  1. Learned very early that when things are crazy I don’t enjoy any of it! I always make sure to “think it through” and do only the things that are most important to me.

  2. I do not enjoy it when life is crazy and lived at a harried pace. It makes me feel like I am buzzing, if that makes any sense? I like to have a full life and to see friends and family often but when I have too many plans and too many things to accomplish, I don’t like how I feel. This weekend has been very low key and calm and I’ve had time to do things like cook and read and talk on the phone with friends and it’s been lovely. I hope that you get a chance to relax soon!

  3. Good luck next weekend-I’m the head course marshal for mile 20-so mile 4 of the 10 mile-I’ll watch for ya and if I see you tell my team to cheer you on!

    • I’ll be thinking of you!! It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend. My friends and I are already planning on going back into Minneapolis for brunch after as we don’t want to be near the potential issues.

  4. I enjoy when life is crazy if I know a calmer day or 2 is in sight:) Something to look forward to and keep me going through those crazy, long days:) Good luck next weekend! I know a few people running both the marathon and the 10-miler so I’m hoping to find a good spot for some pictures for everyone:)

  5. Things are ramping up in my world too, new job, things going on at home, it seems Fall is always a crazy time for me somehow! I try to take a few minutes each day just for me if I can, even if it’s just a quick walk or a few minutes soaking in a warm bath. Good luck with the Marathon!!

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