Why I’m Getting a Microwave…

Confession, I had this lofty goal of not buying a microwave for my apartment. I was fairly certain I could re-heat what I wanted in the oven, or on the stove top. All it took was cooking a frozen pizza to change my mind.

studio apartment oven

My pizza wasn’t even half cooked before the fire alarm started chirping. So I opened all the windows, still chirping.

So I started fanning it with the door. Still chirping.

So I turned on the overhead fan. Still chirping.

So I googled “how to disable fire alarm”. Still chirping. And now I am reminded how serious home fires are.

So I took out the battery of the fire alarm (just for the night). And confessed to my best friend that she was right, I’m buying a microwave.

Pizza was cold by the time I could eat it, but at least nothing burned?

frozen pizza first apartment meal

I really wish I had a microwave to warm up this pizza…

And now the first step on every recipe is “remove battery from the fire alarm”.

And all the other people living in my complex know what time I had dinner.

8 thoughts on “Why I’m Getting a Microwave…

  1. Haha, oh no!! I set off the fire alarm once in my townhouse when I lived on campus and every single one connected to me went off so they were all forced to evacuate. Whoopsie.

  2. No shame in a microwave! I figure I come in contact with and ingest enough questionable things that I’m not concerned about reheating food:) Plus, no fires!

    • Oh there were no lofty ideas of better health/wellness. I just thought it’d be a fun challenge. But…I’m over it, a microwave will be joining my kitchen shortly!

  3. Oh no! Did the last tenant not clean out the oven thoroughly enough? Sometimes all it takes is a stray smoking crumb to really tick off the alarm. Either way, sometimes having a microwave is nice – especially if you want to do something quick, like heat up water for cocoa or make a bag of steamed veggies to go with dinner. Hope it all works out!

    • I think it’s just such an old oven that it’s bound to happen. I’m just glad I was cooking dinner at 8 pm and not a midnight snack!

  4. Oh that sucks!!! I would be lost without my microwave too. I use it every day to reheat the oatmeal that I make over the weekend. Couldn’t live without it!!

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  6. In my first apartment I used to set off the fire alarm if I didn’t close the bathroom door before I took a shower! Or keep it closed after a shower until all of the steam was gone.

    I didn’t have a microwave for the 3 years I lived in my last apartment, mostly due to lack of space, but I had already decided months before my move that I would be getting a microwave for my new place!

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