Chance Chat #43: Early

My 13 year old self is shocked. I’m an early riser. In the last few weeks I’ve realized that I like my mornings best if they can go at a leisurely pace. Coffee is of course mandatory. usually just one cup, but on the weekends I can be convinced to have an extra cup, or two.

Early Riser

The last week has been hard not being in Aitkin. I know moving, taking this job, and starting the MBA program has been a good choice. But it requires a lot of attention to detail. I’m thankful that I was given a few vacation days and was able to use one without notice.

While I’m fairly certain that I’m already living, I know that the slow, quiet time in the morning is important for my day.

What’s important for you to do in order to enjoy your day?

2 thoughts on “Chance Chat #43: Early

  1. I am a morning person as well which would shock my younger self. I feel so behind if I sleep in! And I feel guilty (need to work on that…). I also need coffee to start my day!

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