Aitkin, Always.


Aitkin High School

As I drove home Thursday evening I was passed by an Illinois Police SUV. I knew exactly where they were going. It rained all day, which was appropriate. It matched the feeling of the community.

Aitkin High School Auditorium

I sat in the auditorium, the same auditorium where I last saw the Sandberg family. Then it was for the Miss Aitkin Pageant, Friday it was a reason none of us knew was coming.  The stage was filled with the fall community play. And a screen, with perfect audio. So all of us were able to be a part of the funeral service happening down the hall in the “New Gym”. (note, this photo was taken at 9 am, well before the service started at 11.)

Aitkin County Road

I missed the weekend where the road I live on is full of beautiful color. The last time I was home it was still mostly green. Now its branches and leaves cover the road. Things are always changing, but Aitkin will always be my home.

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