Stillwater Weekend 2015

I’ve traveled to Stillwater for Girls Weekends before, but this time might have been the best time! Friday evening we went to Maple Island Brewing for beer, popcorn and live music.

Maple Island Brewery Stillwater MN

We didn’t wait for an invitation from the guitarist before we started singing along. ….We also weren’t shy and went back on Saturday afternoon. My favorite was the 2 Headed Goose, it is made with sourdough pretzels somehow and apparently was available at the State Fair!

Northern Vineyard Stillwater MN

While it wasn’t all liquid purchases, pictures of shopping aren’t all that fun. Mid afternoon we stopped at Northern Vineyard for a $5 tasting and it was a great quick sample of what they have to offer! I’m not a huge fan of Minnesota wine, but I do thank the U of M for figuring out how to grow some grapes up here!

Stillwater Olive Oil Company

I did get to go to the store I was most excited about. The OLIVE OIL COMPANY! The last time I went I bought white truffle oil, and after sampling both I decided to go with the black truffle oil this time. I cannot wait to make all my veggies taste a million times more delicious.

Stillwater MN Sunset

After shopping I made a point to catch the sunset at the river. There were multiple times during the day where I had doubled over in laughter. I feel so #blessed (I know, I know) for the friendships I have, and the ability to take a weekend off of every day responsibilities and just go with the flow (yes, I can do it every now and then).

I didn’t get a chance to eat at Dock Cafe (see Jennifer’s suggestion) so that will have to be saved for next time!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Stillwater?

4 thoughts on “Stillwater Weekend 2015

  1. I had a 2 Headed Goose at the State Fair and enjoyed it. Looked like a good time in Stillwater. I haven’t been but need to check it out.

  2. As a Stillwater resident I love Lift Bridge, Maple Island, The Olive Oil Store, The Spice Store, Collaborations Boutique, Oasis Cafe and walking around downtown during the holidays. And you can’t forget Wedge and Wheel for cheese 🙂

  3. A girlfriend came to visit last fall and we went to Stillwater for the afternoon and had a lot of fun! We went to an apple orchard, had lunch in Stillwater and then checked out some of the shops. I want to go back sometime and eat at this Diners Drive-ins and Dive place. Can’t remember the name but they have Caribbean food. I am glad you had a fun girls weekend! Laughter is the best medicine so being around people who make you laugh is the best thing!

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