October 2015 Recap

My favorite month of the year FLEW by! I definitely made the most out of it, but I’m not ready for snow and cold, I need more outside time.

I started October with asking about bedding options.

Trina Turk

Not many people voted for my choice, but I”ll be posting a “house” (studio) tour soon! You can also read about why I’m Buying a Microwave. Although to be honest, I still haven’t actually bought it yet.

Finishers Beer I completed the Twin Cities 10 Miler, and have bought new running shoes, but I haven’t gone for a run in my new neighborhood yet. I’ve gone on plenty of walks though!

MBA Homework

I posted an MBA update, and have completed my first class! Now its on to Financial Accounting, which….is not my favorite subject. Give me Managerial Accounting any day!

Garrison Flag Half Staff

I’ve experienced a lot of loss in 2015, so much so that I asked someone the other day if it can just be 2016 already. With only 60 days of the year left, I think I’m going to make it. But it is time to start thinking about New Years Resolutions! (I know, I start thinking about them well before other people do).

Even with the sadness, there is a lot to be thankful for, so bring on November!

2 thoughts on “October 2015 Recap

  1. I am sorry that you have experienced so much loss. Some years just seem loaded with sad things. I hope that 2016 is an extra great year to make up for the tough things you’ve dealt with this year.

    That is funny that you prefer managerial accounting to financial accounting – I’m the opposite! I felt like financial accounting was so much more straight forward and black and white whereas managerial was a bit more gray… And I don’t do well with things that are kind of gray!

    Hope that November is a great month for you!!

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