Chance Chat #44: Wild vs. Precious

Happy Post – Halloween! I had no intentions of going out last night. I went out in Uptown in 2010, and NEVER AGAIN. It was crowded and annoying, and I had no intentions of recreating the experience. Not even in a different part of the metro.

Wild and Precious

While life is wild, I’d rather not be wild on Halloween. My life is precious. I’d rather visit with good friends than be out with a thousand strangers. This photo is thanks to my friend Mindy. She posted it on her blog 364 days ago. I didn’t chose this photo for my Chance Chat because of the date, I only realized it when I went to link to her.

My friends are precious to me. Especially friends that I’ve met through things not related to growing up. It’s well established that I love my hometown. But when I can meet someone who has grown up in a completely different area, and we can still find something to connect on, it is so powerful.

I alternate between being wild/crazy and precious/boring. While in Stillwater my friends teased me for not wanting to go out on Saturday night. Of course I ended up getting maybe 4 hours of sleep. You never know what you’re going to get. Take the time to be wild, while also taking the time to care for yourself. You’re precious. There is only one of you. No one can recreate the specialness that is you.


One thought on “Chance Chat #44: Wild vs. Precious

  1. I definitely tend toward the precious/boring side of things as I am just not good at being wild! I get tired easily and think that all parties should start at like 6 and end at 10. 😉 Yes, I am 34 going on 70. But I’m ok with that as I can’t really think of anyone in my life that would push me to stay out late or be wild. I could do a better job of cutting loose and having fun, though… I think it is great that you went outside of your tendencies and stayed out late during your girls night weekend! I am sure the memories you made far outweigh the importance of getting more sleep!

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