Why I’m Not Online Dating….Yet.

I’ve online dated in the past, I’ve considered online dating again. However the results haven’t been great before, and I had so much going on this summer that I knew I couldn’t really invest time into anyone.



When I went to Stillwater last weekend I had a goal of taking plenty of photos of myself so I had something to put on a future profile. Multiple selfies isn’t a great look, and I don’t like putting up photos that include friends when I have an online dating profile.

Maple Island Brewing Selfie

I did get a few good photos, but I’m still not creating the profile. Mainly because, I don’t have enough time to do all the things that I want to do as it is. There are so many fun and free events in the cities and I’ve got plenty of friends that I don’t see as often as I like.

Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Of course there are times throughout the week where I wish I had a partner to check in with. Or a couple’s event where I’m the odd woman out. But overall, I’m happy. I get to do what I want, when I want. Of course I have money, school and work responsibilities, but all of those are within my control.


Save Money to Buy Trek Bike

So when will I make an online dating profile? Maybe next week. Maybe next month. Maybe not until 2016. I’m waiting until I really feel called to make that move. Of course if I was asked out on a date, I doubt I’d turn it down. I’m always interested in meeting new people and seeing what happens!

11 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Online Dating….Yet.

  1. Makes sense to me! I did the online dating thing… and did not have great results. When I gave it a break and did alll the things I wanted to do… that is when I met someone 🙂 Keep doing you!

    • I’m hoping that by being in a more populated area I have a little better luck, but of course I wouldn’t be disappointed if I just met someone naturally.

  2. I don’t blame you for not dating right now given all you have going on! I took a long break from it because my life felt full enough and I just didn’t feel driven to meet someone!

    • I kind of feel like I’m ready to be at the end of my long break, of course is not in my control…so I’ll keep waiting to meet that right person.

  3. I’m with you. Sure it’d be nice to have a partner sometimes, but my life feels so full right now, I just don’t feel like I’m missing out yet. Online dating is a time commitment that I don’t have time for right now, yet I’m always open to meeting someone! I’m with you girl!

    • Good! I agree with the time commitment, and I specifically don’t want any of the apps.

  4. Great photos that show a multi-faceted ‘you’. Get online and have fun-while I am not at a point in my life where I care to find ‘the one’ and I have been on more first dates than second and thirds, I have met some great people that I still call friends via online dating-and my younger friends have had some really good luck-and if nothing else-free coffee/drink/lunch/dinner and a learning experience.

    • That’s the plan! At this point I’m having fun with friends and don’t want to commit valuable friend time to strangers. But eventually I’ll decide to make the time for some dates and exploring options.

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