Running Again

I haven’t talked about a workout in a long while. This summer I did what I needed to do, but didn’t focus on new speeds or distances. But now that I’m in a new neighborhood, its time to start running!

Sunrise Run St. paul

So Tuesday before work, I ran. Just 30 minutes. Enough to get me started. That night I also went to Yoga Sculpt. Thankfully now that I’m an MBA student I can apply for student pricing discounts.

farm house in the city

I saw this house on my run after work on Wednesday. I had to pause for a picture because it looks like a cute little farm house, packed into a normal city block.

I’m not sure where my running will take me. I pushed the pace last night and my IT Band is making itself known today. So I’ll hold off until Sunday (I’ve got a few different workouts already planned for the weekend). But maybe, just maybe, I’m finding running again.

Have you ever rediscovered a hobby that you had pushed away? Was it hard to get back into it?

4 thoughts on “Running Again

  1. I pretty much rediscover my hobby of knitting every winter as I tend to hibernate more and it helps me stay awake when we are watching a movie! But it’s obviously easy to pick that hobby back up compared to running! Good for you for getting out there!

    I activated a 30 day membership to CPY so am trying to get to as many classes as I can during November. Maybe we could try to meet up for a Sculpt class sometime and grab coffee or brunch or something afterwards (if it was on the weekend)? If you are super busy, though, no worries!!

    • That would be great!!! This weekend is packed, but I’ll touch base and see if something next weekend could work! If you want to travel, highland park has ryder (aka spin class).

  2. I just got back into running again this week – no joke. There’s a track at the community center we take our son to play and since I signed up for a 5k on Thanksgiving (eek!) I figured I’d better get started. It feels good even if I’m a bit sore now!

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