Scenes from Social Media

I’m not loving that my news feeds continue to fill with sponsored posts. But every now and then there’s a good one. This one made me super hungry on Sunday morning, but it did make me get out of bed and out to my run!

French hen

I follow Barbie on Instagram, so I can’t fault sponsorship for this one showing up in my feed…but I’m kind of tempted to buy a new barbie!

moschino barbie

And I also follow Scout, but living in a studio apartment, alone, does not justify buying this gorgeous glasses. Even though I really think they’d be fun to own!

Vintage Deer Glasses

Finally, Twitter showed me that Blackberry still exists!

Blackberry still exists

I have no idea who Sujt Kundu is….does this mean I’m ignorant? Or is Blackberry for more exclusive people that I’m not aware of?

Are there any ads that you are loving or hating across social media? Or are there other store accounts that I should be following for good deals or inspiration?

3 thoughts on “Scenes from Social Media

  1. I have never heard of Sujt Kundu so I am in the dark on whatever company that is!

    I totally ignore ads on my social media accounts, except the Banana Republic photos on IG do catch my eye. Mostly what I am really disliking is all of the people selling products on Facebook or IG. I understand that social media is a huge marketing platform but I am there to connect with friends – not to buy whatever ‘amazing, life-changing lifestyle product’ people are trying to sell… I know i probably sound mean when I say that but I have also had people reach out to me repeatedly about buying what they are selling and it drives me crazy to keep saying no again and again and again!

    End rant. šŸ˜‰

  2. OMG. I love those Scout glasses!

    I follow some of my favorite brands on both Instagram and Facebook and have set it to show me their stuff first on Facebook. West Elm and Pottery Barn always share great images. If you’re in love with mid-century stuff, follow findfurnish on Facebook. They share the latest additions to their store.

  3. Sujit is the king of the club, duh! Jk, Never heard of him! I don’t consciously pay attention to ads, but I do know that it freaks me out that I can do a search for something on the Google machine and all of a sudden an ad for whatever it was will pop up on Facebook. Big Brother is watching…. :\

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