Pure Barre Week 1

This isn’t a sponsored post, but I did purchase a 5 week unlimited package for the brand new Pure Barre, St. Paul! I’ve taken barre classes before, but hadn’t experience Pure Barre before this week.

Monday, 6:45 pm Class. The instructor made sure to introduce herself to me, and to go over the rules. That was very much appreciated! I’ve taken a lot of different classes, so I didn’t anticipate a problem…foreshadowing.

Pure Barre St Paul

Vocabulary: The instructors use “pulse, lift, tuck, hold, and freeze” over and over and over for the entire 55 minutes. Which isn’t too annoying. Except they are rarely doing the motion with the class, so you have no idea if you’re doing it right, or if everyone is wrong.

Posture: All instructors were great about maintaining safe postures, and correcting when needed.

Positivity……Maybe most of the people are new/confused like me, but I’ve never noticed so many people frowning in a workout class! And while the staff is being perfectly polite, its not the usual “new studio” energy that you would expect. Maybe its the stress of a new venture, but I hope they start to encourage a little more positive energy.

Wednesday, 6 am: My favorite class of the week! I loved the instructor, and maybe it was because I had one class under my belt, but I felt much more comfortable, and loved getting a workout before work.

Thursday, 6:45 pm: I went to this class with a friend, and was curious what she thought of class. She was just as confused about the vocabulary, so I’m glad I’m not alone in that.

I was going to go to Friday at 6 am, but ultimately cancelled, instead I’m going for a run and hopefully clearing my head a bit before a busy weekend! (Hunger Games movie, House Party, and Vikings Tailgating!)

Have you taken Pure Barre before? How long does it take you to get comfortable at a new gym/studio?

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  1. I haven’t taken any classes there but have thought about purchasing a groupon deal. I went to barre classes at a studio by my house and felt like I got the hang of it pretty quickly, but the instructor was doing the moves with us and there were a lot of regulars in the class so it was easy to get the hang of it. My first visit to a studio is always nerve wracking for me as you have to figure out where everything is and what you need to bring. Like the barre place by my house provides matts so it was unnecessary for me to bring my own… Sadly the place by my house stopped offering barre classes, which is such a bummer, so I want to try to find a new studio because I love barre!

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