Chance Chat #48: Imperfect, Flawed, Quirky

I don’t have my word for 2016 picked out yet. Usually I know what I’m going to pick prior to the holidays. At different points of the year I felt “chance” was a bust. Last weekend I was running from event to event and now I’ve been curious all week what different impressions I’ve left on people.

Mandy Hale quote

Different days bring out different sides of my personality. And I try to remember that no one should have to fit inside a box. So be you. Whatever version of you that you like. Worrying about what other’s think won’t solve any problems. And this is something I struggle with, but have to remind myself.

Do you feel that there are different sides to your personality? Or are you the same no matter what situation?


One thought on “Chance Chat #48: Imperfect, Flawed, Quirky

  1. I think that my natural state is to be more quiet and reserved, but still talkative. But depending on the size of the group I am around and how well I know those people, my personality can vary. If it’s a large group, I am more quiet. Also, the more boisterous and loud the group of people is, the quieter I become.

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