First Snow / Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I started the morning with the Turkey Trot 10k. No photos because I was contemplating the entire time just turning around and waiting at caribou coffee for my cousins to be done. They’re great runners and finished way before me. But I did finish, and I didn’t turn around early. Some day I’m actually going to train for a race again.

First Snow Thanksgiving

We did go to caribou afterwards, and then I enjoyed the view of the first snow. I’m not looking forward to icy roads and longer commutes, but it sure is pretty!

Grandmothers house

It was a quiet day at Grandma’s house. Big dinner, long walk, lots of pie. I know some families party on Thanksgiving, but not us. Which is a relief because I worked on Friday. As soon as I was done I drove up to Aitkin and spent the weekend just relaxing. It was much needed!

Were you busy all weekend? Or did you take the time to relax?

2 thoughts on “First Snow / Thanksgiving

  1. I spent some time relaxing on Sunday but was busy most of the rest of the weekend. We had 24 people at our house on Thanksgiving. It was a fun, fun, day with all sorts of great memories. Glad you were able to get home and unwind a bit!

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