Hello Fresh, Meal 1: Smoky Chicken Fajitas

Blogging friends are the best. For many reasons, but when Running 4 Cupcakes Katie (just so you know I’m not talking in the third person) offered a free trial of Hello Fresh, I couldn’t resist! (note: this is not a sponsored post).

Hello Fresh Trial

The box was delivered on Tuesday, December 1. I couldn’t have timed it better as I hadn’t gone grocery shopping after being gone for Thanksgiving weekend. The ice packs were still cold, although sitting outside in 32 degrees and snow definitely helped me not worry.

Hello Fresh Smoky Chicken Fajitas

For my first meal I went with Smoky Chicken Fajitas. I quickly looked over the recipe and knew it wouldn’t cause me any trouble. Slice and cook the veggies and chicken, “pickle” the jalopeno, and heat the tortillas with shredded cheese.

Smokey Chicken Fajitas Hello Fresh

(note, I’m testing WordPress, I’m hoping this photo shows up portrait style instead of landscape…but I don’t have much hope.)

Was this meal delicious? YES. Could I have made it without the recipe? YES. Is it worth it? MAYBE. It was great to not have to go the grocery store, but the next two recipes seem a little more difficult. I’ll report back soon!

2 thoughts on “Hello Fresh, Meal 1: Smoky Chicken Fajitas

  1. I tried a few weeks with Hello Fresh. I found my meals got better after the first box, however there was quite a bit of prep time involved with some of them… I’m not sure the cost made sense? but it was very convenient!

  2. That was good timing to receive a box! I have the hardest time getting to the store after coming back from being gone over the weekend. I know a couple of people who have tried and liked this option as well as Blue Apron. I like the idea but can’t justify the cost at this point… but I could change my mind if my life circumstances were different (i.e. I traveled more for work or had a family and wanted a easy-to-make recipe for a date night or something like that).

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