Chance Chat #50: Wasting Life…

My Saturday classes are over!!! ….well at least until 2016. Although to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I still had plenty of time to see friends, run errands, and workout.

thief of life

Thankfully with knowing I have class on Saturdays I needed to maximize my week nights, and this is a habit I will be continuing. I can’t be out every night of the week, but I can break up the routine every now and then.

There’s a similar quote, don’t wish for the weekend, you’ll wish away 5/7th of your life. Enjoy the moment you’re in. Make the best of it. To be honest, I’m finishing this at 10:30 pm Saturday night. Usually I write these midweek and schedule to post on Sunday mornings. But this week was all backwards. I was supposed to go up north in the afternoon, but spent a few hours visiting relatives who are in town, and ended up barely making it in time for dinner. I am so glad I didn’t set myself on a schedule to ensure I’d make it home by 4:30. It was far more important for me to spend the time with family members who don’t live in Minnesota.

Enjoy life, the minute you’re in it.

Are you able to do this? Or are you always thinking about what you have going on next?

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  1. This post is total truth! It’s actually why I quit my corporate job about 3 months ago, and am now working an industry that I love (fitness). I was tired of trying to push through 5 days of my week just to get to the final two. Now I wake up excited about EVERY day!

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