3 Prayers – Christmas Edition

On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Kling at the Guthrie Theater. The Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log was exactly what I needed after being sick most of the weekend.

Kevin Kling Guthrie

Kevin told many funny stories, but my favorite saying was “So I prayed to God to ask Jesus to tell Santa…” and I think it so clearly explains a Lutheran child’s thoughts behind Christmas. You know its important to pray to God, and you know Jesus is the reason for Christmas, but you still put the request in Santa’s hands.

  • Oh please, oh please, oh please
  • Get me out of here
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The oh please oh please oh please prayers are for the toy you really want. The “Get me out of here” that generally applies to Middle School, or any other time you wander a little too far and need some help finding the right path.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Is a harder prayer. Especially to pray when times are tough.

I wish I could say that I’m focusing on the “thank you” prayer. But I still find myself saying “oh please” far too often. And I’ve definitely said “get me out of here.” Especially recently. But here’s hoping in 2016 I can have a little better perspective and see the things worth thanking God for.

What prayers are you saying these days?

What Christmas concert/events do you have in the last week or so before Christmas?

One thought on “3 Prayers – Christmas Edition

  1. I am taking three of my kids and their friends to see the play “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” this weekend. We’ll be up and at it early on Sunday because my oldest acolytes and the rest of us will light the advent candle. We have some fun family Christmas traditions, but nothing big planned. Sometimes I think a big, fancy party would be fun, but then I realize I’d need to shave my legs and buy a dress, so I get over it quickly.

    It sounds like this year has been a big year of transitions and rediscovery. I hope that you enter the new year refreshed and ready for what’s ahead. Take care.

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