Chance Chat #51: Happy Spirit

I met up with two friends I haven’t seen in over a month this week. Both conversations involved catching up on life, and discussing plans for Christmas and New Years. But one conversation was relaxed and happy. And the other conversation was tense and awkward.

Happy Spirit

I felt so good at the end of the happy conversation, while at the end of the awkward conversation I was sad. And with that I know who I need to be surrounding myself with. I’m all for helping others when they feel down. But if they won’t allow themselves to see the good things in life, I can only do so much to try and make things better.

So if you’re in that down feeling reach out, take a chance and ask for help. Because I do believe that a happy spirit will help you move forward in life.

What do you do when someone else’s mood rubs off on you?

5 thoughts on “Chance Chat #51: Happy Spirit

  1. Gah! Hope it wasn’t our convo that was the awkward one. If it was, I’m sorry. I was really tired and frazzled on Friday. Coffee sometime?

    • Oh it definitely wasn’t!! This person I saw for a couple hours, I know people have off days, but its been a continuing trend. And I’ve offered support, but its been ignored. But yes, coffee would be great!

      • Phew! Glad it wasn’t me. Sorry you had to experience that at all though. I’ll message you about coffee. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you had a conversation that left you feeling disappointed. It is hard to be around someone who is really negative. I know we all go through phases but when it’s a drawn our phase it’s hard to keep being positive. I was that negative person, though, when I lived in Charlotte and I cringe to think about how awful I was to be around during that time…

  3. Try doing a fun activity with this person or go to the movies – something where you can spend time in their company and conversation can be focused on the activity. It’s always good to laugh together. I hope whatever is weighing down on your friend gets resolved soon.

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