Word for 2016: Wait.

After much thought, consideration, and some procrastination I’ve found my word for 2016.

Wait 2016 One little word

After “wait-ing” 2 plus years I finally bought a fitbit with some Christmas money. I started using it on New Years Eve and have hit my 10,000 steps each day so far! I hit my goal on Saturday while hiking at Minnehaha Falls.

Solo Brunch Dixie's

I “wait-ed” until 10 am on Saturday morning to take myself to Brunch at Dixie’s. On Sundays they have a fabulous buffet (or so I’m told). I’ll do that eventually, but I would definitely need a buddy for that.

As for other resolutions, I would like to complete 100 yoga classes. Which I should be able to accomplish since I used to teach 3x per week. And I’ll work on saving money again, that post will be shared later in the week!

What’s your word for 2016? Or have you set a different kind of resolution?

10 thoughts on “Word for 2016: Wait.

  1. My word for 2016 is believe (“believe you can and you’re halfway there”). I’m willing to be a Sunday morning buffet buddy! đŸ™‚

    • Love believe! I’ll keep you posted on a buffet sunday, it would most likely be at 1 pm or so (depending on how long it goes….) so that I can still go to church with my grandparents.

    • “Open” is awesome!!! With all the changes for you this year I think that will be a great word to help direct you!

  2. You know I never really set any resolutions… I have too many things I want to do. Perhaps my word and or resolution should be focus?

    • Focus is great! I didn’t really get into resolutions until I was living alone, and now that I’m in the cities and have so many distractions its a great way to help me decide which activities to prioritize. With “wait” I’m hoping to stop trying to rush things and put it on my schedule, instead let things unfold as they may.

  3. I think “wait” is a great word! I chose “present” – trying to focus more on the moment instead of always worrying about what’s ahead! Doing 100 yoga classes is a great goal, when there are 365 days in the year I think that is pretty do-able!

    • I love “present”! That is so important! Yes, I think it will be do-able, and then I skipped class this morning…so here’s hoping I can make it tonight instead!

  4. I’m intrigued by your word and look forward to reading more about it. I wrote about my word today. My word is quiet. “Be still and know that I am God.” and other pieces of wisdom and understanding that can only come when we quiet ourselves and open our hearts up to God’s plan.

  5. I always like hearing what word people choose for their year. I think mine this year will be “less.” Meaning, working on owning less physical possessions, saying yes less to things I don’t feel excited about, and hopefully worrying less.

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