Book Review: Modern Romance

Inspired by other bloggers I follow, I’m hoping this year I will document the books I read! Being an MBA student I probably shouldn’t read “for fun” as much as I do, but its the best way for me to fall asleep each night.

modern romance

Falling asleep after “chatting” with a funny man, definitely makes for a better night’s sleep…..Okay I’m definitely still single, but reading Modern Romance gave me just a little bit of hope.

The main things I learned from Aziz’s book

  1. Arranged marriages are the way to go.
  2. Online dating is the worst.
  3. Men and women suck at communicating.

Unfortunately my parents don’t seem to be interested in setting up a marriage for me. I am dipping a toe (or two) into the online dating world. And communication is the worst. A few weeks ago I asked someone if they wanted to meet up over the weekend, the male’s response…. “ok.” Gee, could he have been any less interested? (said in Chandler voice, naturally).

Thankfully he ended up texting me the day of and we did end up going to a brewery. But if he hadn’t reached out, I was letting it drop. I assumed his “ok” was unenthusiastic. There’s a chance I was reading too far into it.

“Modern Romance” will provide a few laughs, lots of insight into the United States dating culture, as well as insight into the romance culture in a few other international locations. The middle got a bit depressing with the abundance of options, and people’s inability to follow through with online dating connections, but ultimately I think there is hope for the single world.

What books are you reading right now?


19 thoughts on “Book Review: Modern Romance

  1. I always have quite a few books going at once. I am reading On the Banks of Plum Creek with two of my kids, Book Thief with another, One Thousand White Women for myself, and Confessions of an Imaginary Friend since my nine year old highly recommended it. I’m also trying to read the bible in a year. I love reading and sneak it into my busy days whenever possible.

    • Good work on the books! I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, and especially with the winter weather they are a great read!

  2. As someone who met her now-husband online, I will say online dating can be good, but you really have to dig through all the creepy dudes out there (could def write a book on the weird experiences I had!!). Love that your documenting your books – I love reading what other people think about the books they’ve read! Modern Romance is on my Audible wishlist right now!

    • The more people who are married to their online dates makes me much more hopeful. I had an interesting date conversation that I am waiting to share on the blog….I’m specifically waiting until closer to the presidentail election, because its about politics.

    • Apparently the guy who wrote Wicked has a new book out about Alice in Wonderland, which is on my reading list. I love the shopaholic books! I had match for a year about two years ago. I had very few dates, and while I hate tinder, I really think its the best way to meet people (as long as you’re in a well populated area, in my hometown its very limited and awkward.).

  3. I didn’t know Aziz had a book out. I just reserved it at the library. I just finished Prison Baby. Now I’m reading #GirlBoss

    • I need to read Girlboss still! I’ve gone on a big kick of reading books by “celebrities” and am trying to veer away, but they are all pretty good!

  4. I loved reading this book! I’m also single (very, very single). I wonder if non-single people find this book fun and interesting, or if it is just us unattached folk?

    I happen to really enjoy online dating (I do Tinder & Bumble…does that count as online?). But it may be because I live in New York City so there are quite a few options. Still havn’t met Prince Charming…but at least I am having some fun in the process!

    • I’m doing Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel right now. Bumble is the one where the girl has to send the first message, right? I think those who have gone through dating will enjoy the book, but I have multiple friends who married their high school or college sweethearts, and I don’t think the book would be interesting to them. Having fun is the most important part of dating!

  5. I love Aziz and really want to read his book this year. If you have Netflix you should watch his show, Master of None. It’s sooo good!

    Dating does suck. So much. It’s so hard to read the tone of someone’s messages or that simple ‘ok’ you received. I’ve actually had to really learn how to not misinterpret things like that because my boyfriend is not a fan of texting so his texts are often things like “ok” or “that’s fine” and initially I thought he was saying it in a sullen way but then he explained that I needed to read everything he said in the most positive light possible because he’d never try to convey disinterest or sullenness through a text. And I’ve also learned that it’s best for our communication to be primarily on the phone and in person because he’s just not a texter. He’s just kind of old fashioned I guess you could say!

    • I think you found a winner! I’ve watched a few episodes of Master of None, and love it! As for the book, it really helped me realize how our interpretations can change things, so I’m trying to read less into some things, the actions of others definitely speak the strongest.

    • I love Mindy! I need to read “why not me” again because I didn’t love it during the first reading, but that may be due to my LOVING her first book.

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