Don’t Wait: Dance

One of the things I miss most about not living in Aitkin….Not helping with the All Starz Dance Team. Thanks to Saturday classes November – January I haven’t even seen a performance this year. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the team.

Don't Wait Dance

Seeing a team learn a dance, work together, and overcome the distractions of the holidays, family, classes, and life in general is so empowering. As a coach you want to help them become the best they can. So if there’s some group you’ve thought about joining, do it! Don’t Wait. Days are busy, but reach out and see if there’s a one time need for volunteers, it’s worth it.

Will I be joining a team down here, no. Unfortunately with my current class schedule and work schedule I’m not able to participate. However, when I’m done with my MBA I would like to join the Judges Association.

Do you volunteer your time? Have you ever missed something that has continued after you were no longer a part of it?

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