January 2016 Recap

I’m breaking the mold on my first recap of the year. In year’s past I’ve used this post to list everything I’ve written in the month. However, this year I had class twice a week, and those 6 hours plus homework significantly cut into my blog writing time.

I haven’t been completely studious, I managed to attended the theater twice, and drink at two new to me breweries! I highly recommend Pericles at the Guthrie, a lesser known Shakespeare play, which is still being shown.

Theaters and Breweries

Unfortunately Right, Wrong, or Bomb, A Dating Musical was only showing over the weekend. It was laugh out loud funny, and exactly what I needed as I dive back into the dating world. As for the breweries, Harriet was great for having live music. And Flat Earth was great for attending my first StPTweetUp! (basically, meeting people from Twitter, in real life, at St. Paul locations (minneapolis and suburban friends welcome))!

copycat big bowl curry trader joes

I experimented with Yellow Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s to make a knockoff of my favorite Big Bowl dish. And this week I hope to attempt homemade Risotto. (we’ll see if I’m patient enough for all the stirring).

January Workout

And then there’s exercise…. This past week I attended ZERO yoga classes. Which is not okay. But I got my steps almost every day except for Tuesdays (when I had class). Here’s to a better workout streak this week!

How are your resolutions going with one month down in the year? Any new goals for February?

One thought on “January 2016 Recap

  1. Hi, Katie! I’ve been creeping on your blog for a lonnnnng time, but thought I’d finally leave a comment 🙂

    I’m sure you already made the risotto, but if you haven’t, I sometimes use this recipe, which is a baked “cheater’s” risotto that requires about 1/10 of the stirring. If you’e not a mushroom fan, you can always substitute it with a different veggie or leave it out.


    Hope all is well!

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