Wait, Wine. Don’t Whine.

On Monday I made plans to see a movie with a friend on Friday night. I didn’t hear from the friend during the week, but assumed we were still on. Because I worked until 6 we were locked into the 7:45 movie, so I suggested we could meet before and get a beer.

Unfortunately the person wasn’t able to meet up before hand, so I debated getting the beer solo or going home for a few minutes before the movie.

I wasn’t in love with either idea. There was a little traffic, and I was conveniently slowing down at the Exit for Lilydale. I knew Sunfish Cellars (an excellent wine store) was off of that exit, and I thought they served wine by the glass, but wasn’t sure of their hours.

Wait Wine Don't Whine

I pulled in, opened the door, and thankfully saw the bartender (or rather Sommelier). I was the only person there, but received excellent service, delicious wine, and a great pizza. Throughout my conversation with the bartender he also gave me a few sips of other wines they currently have available.

I could have been annoyed with my friend who didn’t want to get a beer. I could have gone home and had a quick beer alone, but stopping in to a quiet bar for a delicious glass and good conversation was exactly what I needed.

Last week was crazy. I’m feeling the pull of the winter blues, and while I have moments of light, those dark moments sure are tough. Now alcohol in general is a depressant, but one glass is not going to be my demise.

I highly encourage getting out and trying new things. Especially when you’re feeling a little disappointed that others aren’t in the mood to do what you want to do. Go out. Do what you want, what will make you happy.


2 thoughts on “Wait, Wine. Don’t Whine.

  1. the winter blues! gah! i wish they weren’t a real thing, but they’ll get ya when you have weeks of grey and chill like we’re going through right now. our whole family is sick, so we’ve been stuck inside on top of it all. i’m glad you made the most of your night and went out to treat yourself – what movie did you end up seeing?

  2. One of my favourite winter things is to go to my favourite vineyard cellar door and buy a bottle of sherry or port and then in the evenings enjoy a little glass or two by the warm fire.

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