Studio Apartment Tour

Over 3 months of living in my apartment and I finally cleaned up enough to give you a tour!

When I realized I was moving to the cities, I immediately contacted a friend who used to live in the building I’m now in. I loved the location of her apartment, and the size. The landlord had one opening, and I made sure I was the first on the list!

Studio Apartment TourHere’s the view when you open the door. My tv, table, and bed. There is a small nightstand in-between my table and bed, where the computer is open is one of the leaves of the table, which is down if I’m in bed.

Under my bed is two suitcases, my guitar (that I barely known how to play), and a container of sweatshirts.

Studio Apartment Kitchen

My kitchen is tiny, but I love it! I don’t have a blender, mixer, or microwave yet….and don’t plan on adding them anytime soon. If anything, my blender that is at my parents house may come down in the spring when I’m ready to drink smoothies.

Studio Apartment Closet

The door that is open is my closet, it has a hanging rack in the middle, a hanging rack on the right side, and shelves on the left side. I have containers for some of my clothes under the hanging racks. And to the left of the mirror is my bathroom.

studio bathroom

Yes, the Keurig is in my bathroom. Gross? Probably. But there aren’t enough three prong outlets in my kitchen, and it is darn convenient to have coffee freshly brewed after my shower.

The one thing I don’t have that I do want, is a storage bench for my shoes. Currently they are in a container in my closet, but I’d rather have a bench under the mirror that I can put them in. Eventually I’ll get around to buying one.

What’s the smallest space you’ve ever had to live in? Have you had a dorm room bigger than my studio?

9 thoughts on “Studio Apartment Tour

  1. My smallest was a 590 sq ft apartment that I lived in right before buying my house. It was easy enough to keep clean but I was miserable. I just can’t get over how…quaint…your studio is!!! 🙂

  2. Super cute! I had a pretty large dorm room (thank goodness, there were 3 of us!) but I’ve also had some studios and super small apartments. My first apartment when I moved to LA was nicknamed my “jail cell” and I only stayed there 3 weeks before getting OUT.

  3. Love your place! I had a pretty small dorm my freshman year of college, but I actually lived in a pretty small studio in Milwaukee for a few months. I ended up transferring to a one-bedroom because I started working at the complex and made a tiny bit more money. It was just too difficult in a studio with my cat – I’m a super light sleeper and he likes to run around my apartment like it’s a racetrack at night, so I needed to be able to get him away from me when I was sleeping, haha!

  4. Your place looks so cute! I love the colors of the walls, too. I haven’t had to live in very small places, aside from college. The smallest apartment I’ve had was 690 sq feet, I think, and the biggest was 1,120 (which was waaay more space than I needed). Right now I have 860 and it’s pretty much perfect.

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