Don’t Wait, Leap!

I love leap day. Always have. In second grade (the first leap day I could remember) my school had some kind of fun day. I can remember laying on a towel to read and mini golfing in the classroom.

Don't wait leap

4 years ago there was a crazy snowstorm on leap day that necessitated working from home. I even blogged about, which you can read, here.

This year I’ll be waking up early to fly back to Minnesota. I spent the weekend in Florida visiting my family, but wanted to be sure I got back with plenty of time to unpack and get ready for the week.

Until I got a text on Friday….from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Bruce Springsteen!! I probably won’t get the food prep done that I wanted, but I think its more important to make a good memory on the extra day that only comes every 4 years.

Are you doing anything special for leap day?

Is there any small thing that you can add to our extra day?

One thought on “Don’t Wait, Leap!

  1. Yep, an experience like seeing Bruce Springsteen > food prep! But as a planner that sucks at adjusting my schedule, I know it’s tough to know that you won’t get all the things done that you wanted to! Have so much fun at the concert!!

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