Wait. Read.

I’m not literally telling you that you need to wait and read my post. Although thank you for those of you who do read! I haven’t been shy about sharing that the last couple weeks have been rough. But there’s one thing that makes me shake my head and smile more than it makes me mad or sad.

2017 blogging calendar

A couple weeks ago I was at the school bookstore getting ready for my next class. My desk calendar at work will run out sometime in the summer, so while I was shopping I picked up a new calendar, all I had to do was throw away January and February since it was already March……

Take a closer look. Its a 2017 calendar. I threw away January and February of next year. Yeah…….So I still need a calendar for the second half of 2016. And for two months of 2017 I won’t have a desk calendar.

Moral of the story. Wait. Double check things before you buy, before you throw away. Maybe something will jump out at you. Like the date on the darn calendar.

Please tell me you’ve done something equally silly?

3 thoughts on “Wait. Read.

  1. On Friday I was putting together a ridiculously huge tabbbed binder of 2016 budget junk. I had a copy of the 2014 budget on my desk-which was in a different order than the current format- and my boss’ 2015 copy to use as a guide for the new order of tabs. So i thought ‘hey, my 2014 copy is useless and outdated, I will dump all the contents, reorder the relevant tabs and make just a few new ones as needed, then I will just reuse the binder – I’m so resourceful and efficient ‘ so I started ripping out the contents and kept the tabs. Of course when i had like 3 tabs left I realized I tore up 2015. So i had to tape the stupid three hole punched pages together and put them-hopefully back im the right tab. Wasted at least an hour but was frustrated and flustered the rest of the day. Sadly, I do stuff like this all the time.

  2. During a particular stressful time in grad school, I got my days mixed up. A bill was due on the 15th. I usually paid it online but because thing didn’t post for 24-48 hours, I though I had to pay by phone so it would immediately get credited to my account. I wondered why the customer service associate kept saying, “you know, if you pay by phone, there’s a $15 charge” to me. Yes, I knew that but I thought the bill had to be paid TODAY so I paid the bill over the phone. Not two minutes later, I logged on to my computer and realized that “today” was the 13th, not the 15th. I guess that’s better than incurring a $35 late fee, right?

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