March 2016 Recap

New photos, new information. I find that my sunday post and one post during the week is about all I can write these days. Partially because work gets in the way, partially because I’ve got other fun things going on and haven’t written about them.

Gilmore Guys Live Minneapolis

I started the month seeing Gilmore Guys Live! Its the podcast I listen to during work and on my nighttime fitbit walks, and gets me to laugh out loud whenever a room is eerily quiet.

marketing herbivorous butcher

I finished another MBA class! My final assignment for that class may be reworked into a blog post. I also got a taste of Herbivorous Butcher (the vegan meatshop) since one of my classmates did a presentation on their marketing plan.

Steak Dinner, not catholic

I went to church throughout lent with the exception of one week. I hope throughout the summer I continue the church trend, although I suppose it depends on if I’m in the cities or not on the weekends. I am not looking forward to battling the traffic to get up north.

march brewery visits

I’ve also gone to 4 breweries throughout the month, and plan on spending Thursday evening at Sociable Cider Werks for their Symphony and Suds event. The month had some low points, but what amazes me when I write these posts is how much I have managed to fit into 31 days.

What was the highlight of your March? Do you think you’re area will get one more dusting of snow? (yes, I said the “s” word, don’t hate me).

One thought on “March 2016 Recap

  1. I will have to check out Sociable Cider Werks after Whole30 is done – Symphony & Suds sounds like a cool event! The highlight of March was hosting my friend Nora for the weekend. And I really really hope we don’t get anymore snow but wouldn’t be surprised if we did…

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