Don’t Wait, Spring!

There was snow on my car Saturday morning. Thankfully it was completely melted by the time I was ready to drive. But I had already walked 4 miles before I got in my car.

Don't Wait Spring

Minnesota Spring can be temperamental. My birthday is at the end of the month, and the majority of my birthdays have included snow on the ground. But this photo was taken on Easter Sunday. The leaves from last year. Past fall failures. Sprouting hope.

I had a terrible headache on Thursday, contemplated telling work that I couldn’t come in on Friday. Cancelled plans with friends Thursday night, didn’t visit my family who was in town for the night. But Friday was better. My headache went away, I took a short run on my lunch break.

I can’t wait for Summer to find happiness. I have to find the good moments now. Push through the cold, enjoy the fresh air.

What spring activities are you enjoying these days?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Spring!

  1. I was so glad to wake up to nicer weather on Sunday! Saturday was so crappy but those kinds of days remind you to take advantage of the nice ones! So I went for a nice long walk yesterday afternoon!

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