Why I Didn’t Post This Week.

Life man. You never know when you’re gonna learn a lesson. Or when you can predict the future. I made one of my usual sarcastic comments during work this week. Everyone knew I was kidding, but turns out I predicted what was about to happen.

Computer Catch UP

The prediction meant that we were extra busy all week, overtime was “mandatory” but it was definitely appreciated. As a result no blogging happened. Thankfully I was already planning on going to my hometown for the weekend. I pulled in about 8:30, and was in bed by 9. Not necessarily asleep, but happy to be in my bed in a quiet room.

I meant a friend for coffee at 8 am this morning (Saturday, we wanted to run but it was about 15 degrees). And its not noon and I’m already half done with what I wanted to accomplish for the day.

There are always going to be stressful times, but thankfully I’ve learned what does and does not help in moving forward. Sometimes those things change. I had a few glasses of wine on Thursday night, I needed the enjoyment and stress relief. But then I wasn’t in the mood for a drink on Friday night.

So find your balance. Do what you have to do to get to the next day. Think about what helps and what hinders.

What helps you when you’re stressed?

2 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Post This Week.

  1. Love this! Definitely taking walks when it’s nice out helps me when I’m stressed. So does chatting with a friend or reading up on blogs. It makes me feel connected, which is something I need. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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