Don’t Wait, Rise

I was up with the sun yesterday.

don't wait rise

The people I texted in the morning didn’t necessarily appreciate the early morning communication, but if they had the same view as me, I think they would have understood. Some days I am all for lounging in bed as long as possible. However other days its not worth the wasted time. Get up, go out, kick ass, celebrate. The scenery in my room isn’t going to change one bit, but the world outside is always changing. Go out and enjoy it (and if you’re in MN, put on some extra layers with that wind!)

Do you lounge in bed? Or get up and get going?

One thought on “Don’t Wait, Rise

  1. It kind of depends on the day but I rarely get up crazy early on the weekends like I used to when I was really struggling with insomnia. I also tend to go to bed later when I stay at my boyfriend’s which means I’m not up as early as I would be if I was alone at home. Ideally I like to be up at 7 on the weekends so I can get things done and have a full day to enjoy but sometimes if I am tired, I listen to my body and lounge in bed, but usually not any later than 9 am!

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