MBA Update, Integrated Marketing Communications

The stuffy classroom was not where I wanted to spend 3 hours of the first 75 degree day of 2016.  Its been a rough week and I battled St. Paul road construction just to get to class, but I made it! I’m currently taking “Creative Strategy and Innovation” the professor’s enthusiasm is so infectious, time flies by! Thankfully we creatively agreed to have class outside for the first hour.

st kates mba

I snapped the photo quick and wasn’t able to properly adjust for the light, but I am so glad I took the leap into the program. There are days when I’m stressed and wish I didn’t have homework, but the good outweighs the stress by 100.

mba meme

Of course we eventually had to go inside, as there were presentations that classmates had prepared. One of my favorite things about the program is that every course requires some sort of presentation. I haven’t taken a formal class on presenting, but the practice of presenting in front of the same group of people every few weeks on different topics is extremely helpful. I don’t have the opportunity for presentations in my current role, but I’ve always enjoyed it, so hopefully its available to me in the future.

Any other students / former students out there who know the crazy days are worth it?

Any tips for success during the stressful times?

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  1. I totally understand your feelings about the long days! Some classes are easier to work around your life than others — Sunday night due dates are always easier for me than mid-week due dates, for example. I’ve gotten better at eliminating other life stress through meal prepping, buying an excessive amount of underwear (to cut down on laundry frequency! Ha!), and by creating physical boundaries that help me accomplish things – like going to the library to do homework instead of trying to do it at home and getting distracted.

    • I have a friday night due date….and was 6 hours late on it this morning. I completely forgot to post, hopefully I was awake before the professor and he will pity me.

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