Don’t Wait, Explore

I, like the rest of Minnesota went to Minnehaha Falls yesterday. Or rather, I attempted to. The crowds were overwhelming by the falls, so we decided to walk away from the crowds.

minnehaha falls castleWhile wandering we came across a totem pole which looked cool but I didn’t take the time to snap a photo, next time. And then from the paved path we could see the top of the castle. Turns out its not a whole castle, but the water feature and remote spot seemed like a wonderful place.

We wouldn’t have found this place if we hadn’t gone away from the crowd. We almost turned around before finding this spot, but we decided to just go a bit further. And that’s the lesson. Don’t be afraid to keep going, if you know whats up ahead, veer a little left, see if the other option could be just as good, maybe better.

What are your favorite outdoor spots? Do you get irritated when your favorite spot is filled with people?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Explore

  1. I know of that spot where you took the picture! I went there with a friend and her kids last summer.

    My favorite outdoor spaces in Mpls are the lakes and Stone Arch Bridge, both of which get really crowded on beautiful days. I don’t mind the crowds if people are respectful of others and don’t take up too much of the path but I often see people walking 4-5 abreast and completely ignoring the fact that others might want to get around them or they don’t make room for others that are walking in the other direction. That kind of behavior bugs me so much!!

    • Definitely, my goal this summer is to check out cedar as I’ve heard it is much quieter, I always tend to go to harriet or calhoun as its convenient for more people.

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