Favorite Thing – Meeting Up!

(This was supposed to published yesterday…oops! Hopefully you’re still looking for fun weekend plans and the Favorite Things party can be a part of that!)

Last year was all about changes. Hence why my word for 2015 was “chance” I had to take chances in order to get to where I am today! Tonight I gave an MBA presentation on networking, I’m not perfect at it, but the idea of the class was to be more about DISCOVERY than DELIVERY. I won’t bore you with more details (although if you want to attend a sample class, you can join me here.)


ANYWAYS! I’m hosting a Favorite Things Party on Sunday. I attended one last year with all the lovely women above. We will each bring 3 of our “favorite thing” and leave with 3 different “favorite things” that other people brought. In the meantime we will have snacks, drink coffee/tea/wine/beer (so many possibilities when you meet up at a Lunds/Byerlys) and enjoy the time being together, instead of meeting up through a screen.

You are more than welcome to join! If you have any questions, drop me a comment here, or friend me on Facebook if we aren’t already friends!



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