Commodore Bar, Birthday Preparation

My best friend and I both happen to have April birthdays, and our first year out of college we started the tradition of going to a fun dinner just the two of us. At least a month ahead of time (possibly longer) we decided that Commodore Bar was the obvious choice.

Commodore Bar St Paul

A food blogger I’ll never be, but I had the “The Partridge” the first sip was all gin, but it mixed together very nicely, the pear brandy was very smooth. The other first cocktail was “Fitzgerald” with house made sour, very refreshing and more citrus than I was expecting.

Commodore Toast

For food we ordered the shrimp cocktail, which may seem boring, but was delicious and clearly prepared with more thought than when others make it. And the TOAST! I cannot say enough good things about this trio. You could order just one style if you wanted, but… really need all three, I couldn’t pick a favorite if you forced me, they were all delicious!

Commodore Cocktails

The cherry on top of the evening….bahaha. was the Commodore cocktail. Served with a hand dipped chocolate cherry, it is the reason I will be visiting again and again. There was also a butter cake, which was good, but I was done with photos at that point.

The food was wonderful, but the service was even better! We sat in one of the three bar areas, and even though we arrived at 7:30, there was no wait for a table. The chairs are low and comfy, but I wouldn’t wear a miniskirt as it will definitely ride up from the low seat.

Do you have a birthday tradition? What bar/restaurant do I need to visit next?

9 thoughts on “Commodore Bar, Birthday Preparation

  1. Since I’m a huge F.Scott Fitzgerld fan the Commodore is at the top of my list to visit. He and Zelda lived there for a bit. Another place that seems to “hop” is the bar at Pittsburgh Blue in the Galleria. I’ve felt comfortable going there alone if I’ve been by myself shopping. I hope you “toasted” Jay Gatsby and Daisy while at the Commodore!

    • I love a good solo drink, I’ll add Pittsburgh Blue to my list! Let me know when you’ve got some free time to visit St. Paul, I’d be happy to meet up!

    • Bar La Grassa’s crepes are my ultimate dessert, but Commodore hits it out of the park with the cherry cocktail!

  2. I’ve never been there! My husband and I have birthdays a day apart and our tradition for the last three years was to to go the Hunger Games movies (in November, right when released) at the fancy theatre in St. Louis Park. Now I don’t know what we’ll do!

    • Oh man, I bet they’ll have a new franchise movie starting soon, I went to the last hunger game’s movie as a friend’s birthday celebration, such a fun night!

    • Thank you my dear! We definitely need to get together with some oysters! (I’m doing dinner with my family at 4 bells tonight!)

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